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The Best Drink Driving Lawyers – Gold Coast

Our DUI lawyer service on the Gold Coast specialises in a range of drink driving and traffic offence charges in Queensland. If you have recently been fined with high range drink driving in the Gold Coast area, had your licence disqualified or caught driving carelessly, our experienced traffic lawyers located near the Gold Coast can provide you with professional representation to assist you in all your legal matters.

DUI Lawyer Brisbane

Leading Traffic Offence Lawyers You Can Trust – Gold Coast

Are you looking for cheap drink driving lawyers on the Gold Coast that can help you in court? Whether it’s drink driving charges, drug driving, careless driving or licence suspension, our DUI Lawyer Brisbane team can get you behind the wheel with minimal stress. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of motorists with court related matters and continue to provide an exceptional legal service to the broader local community. 

Have you been caught driving under the influence of drugs?

If you need help with recent drug related charges, get in touch with our drug driving lawyers on the Gold Coast today. We’ll assess your individual situation and may be able to help you obtain a Drug Driving Work Licence, which allows you to continue working while disqualified. 

Our drink driving lawyers on the Gold Coast are here to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that all your legal concerns are being taken care of promptly and efficiently. Ask us about the Special Hardship Licence or Special Hardship Order you can obtain specifically for Gold Coast residents. This enables you to keep driving for work purposes during your suspension period. However, restrictions and special conditions apply.

Get in touch with the best drink driving lawyers on the Gold Coast today on 1800 208 028 or click here to send an online enquiry.